About us.

Living & working in the city of TLV, inspired by the variety and complexity of the combination of east and west, we learn to embrace disharmony and skill
to prefer imperfection and see it as our goal to seek the beauty in the old, the aesthetic in the torn and the essence in the effortless look.
Made is about where it is MADE, so we travel the world to source our ingredients and produce them in their natural habitat.
The hand-MADE touch on every item is why you will always find them, season after season, on top of your cabin pile.
This is what dreams are MADE of.
Made's place
MADE began with the quest for sourcing the perfect T.
Washed, distressed, printed, brushed, crinkled, destroyed...
working with the finest materials; crafted by hand, worn to death and MADE to last classics, that have become MADE's signature style.

Perfecting the Casual.
Pure, simple & natural clothes that are ready to wear wardrobe essentials.
MADE combines natural highest quality fabrics with design precision to create pieces that capture the essence of comfort and simple elegance for women.
The perfect fit, with the finest feel for effortless, feminine style.
100% light and airy linen. Crafted to drape perfectly not the body, with a flattering flowing fit. Crafted details include hand distressed cuts and frayed hems.

MADE Cotton Gauze
Premium cotton gauze for blouses, skirts and dresses. Light and breathable, with pintuck and ruffled details, wit frayed hems, in solid colors and all over printed geometric patterns.

MADE Japanese Cotton
100% Japanese cotton, in solid or all-over printed fabrics.

French Terry Burn Out
Distressed & washed 100% Polyester French Terry burn out pieces for extra vintage look.