About us

Perfecting the casual.

Pure, simple & natural clothes that are ready to wear wardrobe essentials.
MADE combines quality natural materials with design precision to create pieces that capture the essence of comfort and simple elegance for women.
The perfect fit, with the finest textiles for effortless, feminine style.

Made for Travel.

MADE for Travel collections focus on the intrepid spirit and your time-out journeys.
Our casual chic is so relaxed and accurate that MADE will fill your packing list for your next urban adventure, work easy chic and vacation essentials letting you follow the sun year round.

Made's place

For our T-shirts we use natural fabrics - cotton, linen, viscose manufactured in Europe or Japan. Our 100% linen knit is light enough to have the perfect feel and drape, thin but not see-through. Super soft, it will never itch or feel stiff to the touch.
Made in Portugal.

MADE 100% Cotton Knits
100% Cotton SLUB or FLAME

This extra-soft light but not transparent cotton was designed for hot summer days you will not want to take it off.
Made in Portugal

MADE 100% Cotton Single Jersey & 1X1 Rib

For our jersey styles we use Japanese cotton fabrics. We wash & distress them for that extra-worn look. When you start destroying a high quality fabric the results are very nice.
Made in Japan

MADE Pants-Mid Rise Pants
MADE Chinos

Made Mid-Rise Pants are not too high or too low, they come in different lengths (ankle & full length). Every season we make them in different fabrics & washes.
Made in Turkey

MADE Skinny

Made skinny pants will make you look thin, but are not too tight.

MADE Cargo

Using the luxurious satin twill, this style has a cargo fit, ankle length & elastic cuff, and pairs amazingly with your favorite sneakers & T-shirt for a casual stylish look.

MADE Grandpa Pants

Do not mistake these Viscose pants with suit pants, they fit slightly loose on hips and have slim legs. Best with heels, booties & T-shirts.

MADE Jackets
MADE Cropped Jacket with Large snaps

This jacket is what you need year long. Wear it as an additional layer on-top of tops and dresses, sweater too.

MADE Army Jacket

This very trendy classic is a wardrobe essential, light satin twill, slightly washed long jacket fits beautifully. Wear anything you want and just throw this on, for effortless style.

MADE Tailored jacket.

MADE's tailored jacket is not tailored at all....
We took the wonderful viscose fabric and give it a chic tailored look, all you need is to pair it with torn jeans. Its definitely not a suit!

MADE In India Collection

100% Cotton, crinkled or gauze, silks & cotton silks
Using the finest textiles of India, combined with the beautiful Indian hand embroidery & ancient print techniques, MADE India unique vacation pieces, we love them: dresses - long and short,  embodied shirts, cover-alls & scarves. Go from city to beach, dress up and down.